Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds

Cord Operation
Easily operated and simple to use, a Roman blind is easily raised and lowered to the desired level by pulling on the operating cord. The cord is then either tied off with an attractive cleat or simply locked into position with a cord locking device. For ease of lifting or to reduce the number of cords, you may wish to consider chain operation or motorisation.

Chain Operation
Chain operation is well suited to larger blinds which are often heavy to lift. Chain operated Roman blinds are operated using a looped chain that is connected to a reduction gear that assists lifting the blind. An alternative to chain operation is motorisation.


Motorisation systems are the perfect solution for those who aspire to modern living. Motorised blinds evoke the perception of luxury and effortless style. It’s easy to be the envy of all your friends by operating your blinds with the touch or a button or flick of a switch! These systems are also quiet and discreet which makes it perfect for every area in the home including the bedroom, family and entertainment areas.

Roman Blinds can be made from a wide range of Fabrics, Sheers, Translucents and Block out. All three types of Fabric will give you UV light protection with varying degrees. Sheer Fabrics control the harsh ellements but still allowing a filetered view. Translucent allows filtered light but maintains your privacy day or night. Block out Fabrics give you 100% in all areas this fabric is a room darkening fabric perfect for Bedrooms and Media Rooms.